The Jazz Drum Maestro Jack DeJohnette

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The jazz drum maestro Jack DeJohnette, the drumming maestro who’s been pounding the skins for five decades, rocking with jazz legends, and snagging NEA and Grammy awards like it’s just another Tuesday.

Jack’s musical journey is like a VIP pass to the coolest jazz parties, rubbing shoulders with John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Thelonious Monk – you name it. He’s not just a drummer; he’s the rhythm wizard who’s owned every style from hard bop to R&B and everything in between.

The Miles Davis Chronicles

Back in ’68, the jazz drum maestro Jack hitched a ride on Miles Davis’s crazy train during a jazz revolution. “Bitches Brew” happened, and guess what? Jack’s drumming gave it that secret sauce. Oh, and Keith Jarrett joined the party too – talk about a legendary lineup.

Chillin’ with Keith Jarrett

Fast forward to ’71, and Jack teams up with Keith Jarrett for “Ruta and Daitya” under ECM. It’s like their collab is a major plot twist in the jazz story. Meanwhile, Jack’s also hanging out with heavyweights like John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, and Dave Holland.

Vibes for Every Mood

In ’71, Jack drops “Jack De Johnette Complex,” where he’s not just drumming; he’s even rocking the melodica with Roy Haynes. Skip to the ’70s, and he’s dropping gems like “Have You Heard” and “Sorcery” with a dream team of Gary Peacock, Bennie Maupin, and Stanley Cowell.

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Leading the Jazz Charge

Being the trendsetter he is, the jazz drum maestro Jack starts dropping albums with ECM. Check out “Directions,” “New Directions,” and “Special Edition.” In “The New Directions,” Jack’s jamming with buddies John Abercrombie and Lester Bowie. That Bowie collaboration? It’s a lasting groove, even giving us the sweet duet album “Zebra.” Jack’s keeping the vibes alive with Abercrombie in the Gateway Trio with Dave Holland on bass.

Youtube video by SFJAZZ 

The “Special Edition” Extravaganza

In the “Special Edition” squad, Jack’s bringing in jazz soloists like David Murray, Rufus Reid, and Howard Johnson. They’re not just playing jazz; they’re throwing a jazz party for everyone. This move? It’s putting Jack DeJohnette right at the top of the drumming hall of fame.

The Jazz Drum Maestro Still Rockin’ It

As of now, the jazz drum maestro Jack DeJohnette’s still hitting the stage. Catch him on August 9, 2023, at the “Tribute to Miles and More” gig in Kingston, New York, with Vernon Reid, Don Byron, Will Calhoun, George Colligan, Matthew Garrison, Luisito Quintero, and some mystery guests. It’s gonna be one epic jam session!

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