Innovative Saxophonist: David Binney With a Distinctive Sound and Unique Compositions

Written By Sonny Akbar Sembada

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Meet David Binney, the innovative saxophonist with serious style, crafting tunes that are anything but ordinary.

He’s not your run-of-the-mill jazz cat; he’s one of the cool kids making waves in today’s music scene.

Innovative Saxophonist David Binney The Jazz Maestro with a Groovy Vibe

Critics and fellow musicians can’t get enough of David. Jazz Times recently called him one of the few “players creating a whole new vibe in the jazz world… all of them dishing out bold and original beats.”

With over 20 albums in his back pocket and popping up on more than 300 others, the innovative saxophonist David is like the unsung hero of the jazz world.

Growing Up and Getting Into the Groove

Born in the sunny vibes of Miami, Florida, and raised in SoCal, David decided to bring his unique flavor to the New York City scene at the ripe age of 19. Nowadays, he’s chilling in Los Angeles, making records, and jamming around the world. Oh, and did I mention he’s also a whiz at arranging and mixing?

Jamming with Legends

The innovative saxophonist David’s not sticking to one groove. He’s teamed up with big names like Knower, Chrissie Hynde, Gil Evans, and even had a hand in the magic behind David Bowie’s Blackstar. Talk about a musical powerhouse!

Youtube video by David Binney 

Winning Hearts and Awards

Three-time Critics Poll Downbeat champ in the Alto Saxophone category, David isn’t just about the awards. He’s been the face of Downbeat and Jazz Times, featured in the NY Times art section, and too many other publications.

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Spreading Musical Joy

Whether he’s enchanting audiences in NYC’s underground joints or stealing the spotlight at jazz festivals worldwide, David’s tunes are all about spreading good vibes. He’s even shared the stage with legends like Aretha Franklin and modern favorites like Jamiroquai and Maceo Parker.

Passing on the Rhythm

But wait, there’s more! David isn’t just about playing; he’s all about teaching too. Offering both in-person lessons and virtual classes on Zoom and Skype, he’s spreading his musical knowledge far and wide.

David Binney isn’t just a jazz icon; he’s your go-to guy for feel-good tunes and an undeniably cool saxophone vibe. Check out his albums on this site or wherever you stream your favorite beats. Keep it jazzy!

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