Jazz Odyssey Reverie: Lorraine Feather’s Enchanting Vocal Tale

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Jazz odyssey reverie Lorraine Feather, the jazz virtuoso, kicks off her journey in the vibrant streets of Manhattan, born on September 10, 1948.

Growing up in a flat just above Cafe Society Downtown, her parents embody the essence of the jazz scene—a former New York band singer mom and the iconic jazz critic, Leonard Feather.

Jazz Odyssey Reverie: Lorraine Feather’s

Now, let’s talk names—Billie Jane Lee Lorraine. Break it down: Billie nods to Billie Holiday, Jane honors her mom’s big band singing days, Lee tips the hat to her mom’s pal Peggy Lee, and Lorraine? Well, it’s a nod to the timeless tune “Sweet Lorraine.” And who’s her dad? None other than the jazz sage, Leonard Feather.

A Groovy Moniker with a Jazzy Twist
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Hello, Sunshine State: Los Angeles Days!

Fast forward to the West Coast when Lorraine hits 12. After a stint in theater at L.A. City College, she takes a detour back to the Big Apple at 18 for a shot at acting. But, reality check—Broadway dreams don’t always pay the bills. So, Lorraine swaps scripts for singing, jamming with jazz and Top 40 bands in the city that never sleeps.

The Jazz Chronicles and Solo Adventures

Enter the scene of the vocal trio “Full Swing.” Lorraine’s voice echoes through three albums, with her penning lyrics for some timeless classics. Post-“Full Swing,” it’s all about the solo act. She delves into songwriting, and soon her lyrical wizardry is heard in hits by Patti Austin, Phyllis Hyman, and more.

Jazz odyssey reverie Lorraine Feather’s Enchanting Vocal Tale
Youtube video by Lorraine Feather – Topic

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Disney Dreams and Grammy Vibes

Hold up, it’s not just jazz. Jazz odyssey reverie Lorraine dives into the Disney world, writing lyrics for “Dinosaurs” and “Make Way for Noddy” on PBS. Team up with Mark Watters, and you get Disney gold, including “The Jungle Book 2.” Then, the late ’90s hit, and Lorraine rocks her solo career with albums like “The Body Remembers.”

Grammy Fever

And guess what? Lorraine’s albums—think “Ages,” “Attachments,” and “Flirting with Disaster”—land Grammy nominations for the Best Jazz Vocal Album category.

So, get ready to ride the jazzy wave with Lorraine Feather. Her legacy as a wordsmith and jazz sensation? Still groovin’ strong.

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