Jazz Pianist and Musical Heritage: Getting to Know Bill Charlap

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Jazz pianist and musical heritage. Let’s dive into the world of Bill Charlap, the jazz wizard who’s not just making waves but also scooping up Grammy Awards like it’s nobody’s business.

He’s been on stage with heavyweights like Phil Woods, Tony Bennett, and more – the real cream of the crop!

Jazz Pianist and Musical Heritage: Bill Charlap The Maestro Extraordinaire!

Picture this: 1966, New York City. Bill Charlap enters the scene, born into a musical legacy. Dad, Moose Charlap, composed Broadway hits like “Peter Pan,” and Mom, Sandy Stewart, was a Grammy-nominated singer rocking the airwaves on shows like Perry Como’s Kraft Music Hall.

Early Days and Groovy Roots

Little Bill starts tinkering with the piano at the tender age of three. He kicks off with the classics, but it’s jazz that steals the spotlight.

Fast forward to ’97, and he teams up with bassist Peter Washington and drummer Kenny Washington. Together, they create a jazz trio that quickly becomes the talk of the town.

But wait, there’s more to Bill than just jazz. In his personal life, he’s married to Renee Rosnes, another jazz heavyweight. They’re not just partners in life but also hit the keys together. Case in point – their 2010 album “Double Portrait” under the banner of Blue Note Records.

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In 2000, Bill joins Blue Note and starts raking in Grammy nominations for albums like “Somewhere: The Songs of Leonard Bernstein.” His knack for turning classic American tunes into pure magic doesn’t go unnoticed. Time magazine sums it up: “Bill Charlap approaches a song with love, and, no matter how imaginative or surprising his interpretation, he always manages to capture the essence of the song.”

Youtube video by Blue Note Records

Fast forward again to 2016 – Bill teams up with Tony Bennett, and together they snag a Grammy for “The Silver Lining, The Songs of Jerome Kern.”

And then in 2019, Bill Charlap celebrates 15 years at the helm of the Jazz in July Festival at 92Y in NYC. This guy isn’t just playing jazz; he’s the architect, orchestrating unforgettable performances from Jazz at Lincoln Center to the Hollywood Bowl.

That’s Bill Charlap for you – dishing out jazz vibes, riding the Grammy wave, and creating a lifetime of musical magic!

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