Jazz Vocal Competition Winners Gabrielle Cavassa

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Gabrielle Cavassa Jazz Vocal Competition Winners

Jazz vocal competition winners Gabrielle Cavassa – singer, songwriter, and all-around cool cat born in California on July 5, 1994, with some Italian vibes. Chillin’ out in New Orleans, she’s got this killer voice and a vibe that’s just so real.

Early Wins and Cool Stuff

Guess what? At just 26, jazz vocal competition winners Gabrielle snagged the top spot in the 2021 International Sarah Vaughan Vocal Jazz Competition. Oh, and in 2020, she dropped her debut album – named after herself, because why not? It’s all about her killer songwriting skills and keeping it real.

Musical Vibes and Personal Touch

Gabrielle’s been into music since forever. Started collecting and jamming to tunes when she was knee-high. Her style’s a mix of legends like Billie Holiday, Phyllis Hyman, Ornella Vanoni, and Jeff Buckley. She lays it all out with her songs, like sharing pages from her diary.

Her Musical Journey, No Biggie

Back in the day, Gabrielle kicked off her music journey collecting and obsessively listening to jazz records. Then, she hit up the live music scene in San Francisco. Studied music at San Francisco State University – got her degree, no big deal. Rocked stages from Club Deluxe to SFJAZZ.

Youtube video by OffBeat Magazine 

Fast forward to 2017, she found her groove in New Orleans. Living there now, she’s perfecting her craft as a singer, songwriter, and band leader. Toured with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, led some jam sessions at The Starlight club – you know, just casual stuff. She even spilled, “There’s something truly special that happened for me there. I finally learned how to work the crowd.”

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Chill Reviews and What’s Next

Her debut album in 2020 was a hit, co-produced with Grammy-nominated Jamison Ross. It featured cool cats like Braxton Cook and Ashlin Parker, blending genres like a boss. Critics loved it, from the jazz scene to indie/alternative R&B.

Right now, jazz vocal competition winners Gabrielle’s cooking up a duo album with her longtime music buddy Ryan Hanseler. Dropping it in January 2022. And get this – her second studio album’s on the horizon for 2023. Fans are pumped!

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