Journey of a Guitar Legend: Hiram Bullock

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Journey of a guitar legend Hiram Bullock’s. From jamming with The Brecker Brothers in the ’70s to becoming the go-to guy for legends like Gil Evans, David Sanborn, and even James Brown, Hiram’s guitar skills have earned him legendary status.

But wait, Hiram’s not just about shredding guitars. Nope, he’s also got some serious singer/songwriter chops and a stage presence that’s as cool as can be. His music? Well, it’s a groovy mix of rock, funk, blues, and jazz. In simple terms, it’s the kind of music that just makes you feel good!

Journey of a Guitar Legend: Groovin’ Through the Music Scene

Journey of a guitar legend Hiram Law Bullock enters the world in Osaka, Japan, on September 11, 1955. Fast forward a bit, and he’s rocking the U.S. of A. by the age of 2. Started on the piano at 6, sax at 11, and by the time he hit 16, he’s strumming the guitar, all in the name of meeting more girls.

College Life and Breaking into the Scene

Off to the University of Miami for some serious music schooling. Pat Metheny and Jaco Pastorius become his mentors, and he’s rubbing shoulders with the cool cats who’d later join him on stage. And oh, playing with singer Phyllis Hyman was just the beginning of his NYC adventure.

Rocking Globally and Hanging with Legends – Big Apple Magic and Global Fame

Journey of a guitar legend. The moment Hiram hits New York, it’s like a musical explosion. Jamming with David Sanborn, meeting the legendary producer Phil Ramone, and becoming the golden boy on gold and platinum albums. The list of legends he’s played with is like a who’s who of music—The Brecker Brothers, Paul Simon, Chaka Khan, and many more.

Youtube video by Musicians Institute

TV Stardom and Film Flicks

Ever catch Late Night with David Letterman? Well, Hiram was the dude with the barefoot guitar magic. He was the go-to guitarist for Saturday Night Live and even took on the music director role for Night Music with David Sanborn. And oh, did we mention he threw down some tunes in Under Siege with Steven Seagal?

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One-Man Show and Musical Rollercoaster – Solo Swagger

Fast forward to 1983, and Hiram’s doing his solo thing. Produced all his albums, and each one is like a musical rollercoaster. Jazz, rock, Latin vibes—you name it. From “From All Sides” to “World of Collision” and “Carrasco” to “Late Night Talk,” he’s all over the map. Live performances? Imagine funky rock vibes in “Color Me,” “Try Livin’ It,” and his latest jam, “Too Funky 2 Ignore.” And on stage, Hiram doesn’t just play; he puts on a show, giving it everything he’s got. Because for Hiram Bullock, it’s not just music; it’s a vibe, man.

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