Most Influential Musician in Jazz: Sonny Rollins the Saxophone Colossus

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Most influential musician in jazz Sonny Rollins: Jazz Maestro Riding the Waves for Eight Decades

The living legend the most influential musician in jazz Sonny Rollins, who’s been on a musical journey from Harlem to the White House and beyond, cementing his status as a heavyweight in the jazz scene.

Nick Payton’s Spin: Sonny’s a Whole Mood

According to Nick Payton, “Sonny Rollins is like a trumpeter jamming on the sax, but he’s got this rhythmic drumming vibe trapped in a singer’s soul.”

Nick Payton's Spin Sonny's a Whole Mood
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Rollin’ Through an Epic Career: Theodore Walter Rollins

Throughout the years, Theodore Walter Rollins, born on September 7, 1930, in the heart of New York, has unleashed a whopping 49 studio albums and kicked it live with 11 more.

Most influential musician in jazz Sonny snagged some Grammy love for “This Is What I Do” (2000) and “Without a Song: The 9/11 Concert” (2005), along with a Lifetime Achievement Award. And since 2006, he’s been dropping his beats through his own label, Doxy Records.

Youtube video by Ellington Reflections 

Out-of-the-Box Ideas and Everlasting Vibes

Sonny’s innovative ideas and velvety sounds have left an indelible mark on generations, earning him the nickname “Newk” and even a National Medal of Arts in 2010.

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Health hiccups led him to step back from live gigs in 2012, and after the “Holding the Stage” album in 2016, he hung up the mic, feeling a bit bummed about not ticking off all his artistic goals.

But here’s the scoop – even with health challenges, ‘Rollins in Holland’ slid into our ears in late 2020, courtesy of Resonance Records. The legend lives on!

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