Smart Jazz Musician: Brian Blade A Respected Musician

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The smart jazz musician Brian Blade, the musical wizard who started his journey in Shreveport, Louisiana. His first musical exposure? Gospel melodies and hymns at Zion Baptist Church, where his dad preached for over fifty years.

Brian Blade The Smart Jazz Musician

At the tender age of nine, Blade picked up the violin but later traded it for drumsticks. Why the switch? Well, big bro was the church drummer, sparking some rhythmic inspiration.

Early Beats and Musical Adventures

High school came around, and Blade delved deep into the jazz scene, vibing with legends like Coltrane, Parker, Davis, Blakey, Monk, Jones, and Mitchell. At eighteen, he packed his bags and headed to Loyola University in New Orleans.

There, he jammed with the local crew, including Vidacovich, Marsalis, Masakowski, Huntington, Pellera, Mahoney, French, Bazzle, Lee, Tyler, Dagradi, and Battiste.

First Album and Jams with the Crew

Fast forward to 2009, and Blade dropped his debut album, “Mama Rosa.” It’s all about family love with tunes dedicated to his grandma. Lanois, Jones, Johnson, Thomas, Rosenwinkel, Moyer, Leisz, Smith, Embry, and Cowherd joined the musical party. Oh, and he even rocked the White House in 2016 for the International Jazz Day Global Concert.

First Album and Jams with the Crew
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And here’s the cool part – in 2013, Blade snagged the ECHO Jazz Award for “Best Drummer/Percussionist Worldwide” with his album “Quiver.” Same year, he scored a Grammy for Best Jazz Album with his trio and Chick Corea.

Gear Talk

Blade’s musical toolkit? Vintage drums from Gretsch, Ludwig, Sonor, and Slingerland. When he hit up Japan, it was Canopus drums in the spotlight. Cymbal-wise, he’s grooved with the Roberto Spizzichino ride, old-school Zildjian A cymbals, and his trusty 22-inch Zildjian K Constantinople Light Ride. His go-to guitar sound? A mid-50s Gibson LG-3.

The smart jazz musician Brian Blade? He’s still the laid-back legend keeping the jazz world grooving. His mad skills, love for exploration, and dedication to creative vibes just keep bringing those smooth and jaw-dropping tunes to the music scene.

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