American Smooth Jazz Sax Player Everette Harp

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Smooth jazz sax player – Let’s take a stroll back to the ’90s when smooth jazz was mixin’ up some hip-hop and R&B vibes. Everette Harp, the saxophonist from Houston, was ridin’ that wave before it was cool.

Harp, raised on gospel and soul, drops his first two Blue Note records, “Everette Harp” (1992) and “Common Ground” (1994). What’s in the mix? Funky beats and urban vibes, thanks to his church roots.

American Smooth Jazz Sax Player Everette Harp

Fast forward to ’97, and he’s payin’ homage to Marvin Gaye’s game-changin’ “What’s Going On” album. Merging contemporary jazz with classic soul? Yeah, Harp’s got that covered.

By ’98, “Better Days” cements his status in the smooth jazz A-list. But here’s the scoop on “For the Love” — it’s like Harp saying, “Let’s keep it real.” No distractions, just him pourin’ out emotions through smooth melodies and sultry rhythms.

Now, about that title, “For the Love.” It’s not just about romantic vibes; it’s Harp layin’ down tunes straight from the heart because he’s all about that music love. “The title sums up the whole vibe and where I’m at. Less fuss, more genuine feels. Took a step back, went laid-back. Bit of a struggle, but dang, lovin’ the results.”

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To keep that chill vibe, Harp teams up with veteran producer Steve Dubin (the guy who’s worked with legends like George Benson). Together, they drop tracks like the funky “So Automatic,” soulful “I Just Can’t Let Go,” and the sharp “Right Back Atcha” with Ricky Peterson’s lively piano.

There’s also the bluesy “Love Conditionally” and the groovy “Dancin’ With You” featuring Doc Powell’s killer guitar. Oh, and don’t miss the bluesy duet “Put It Where You Want It” with electric guitarist Jeff Cobb.

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Now, let’s talk vocals. Smooth jazz sax player Harp brings in some smooth R&B/pop vibes with “I Can’t Take It Anymore,” featuring the up-and-coming group 20/20. Plus, there’s “We Don’t Have To Say Goodbye,” where Harp flexes his vocal chops. All the good vibes are co-produced by co-writer Shaun LaBelle.

And check this out — the lineup is stacked with dynamic musicians like George Duke, Ray Fuller, Tony Maiden, Paul Jackson, Jr., Larry Kimpel, Alex Al, Li’l John Roberts, and Lenny Castro. These guys bring the heat to “For the Love.”

Now, Smooth jazz sax player Everette Harp’s music journey? It’s like he’s been jammin’ forever. Piano at two, sax at four — for him, it’s like breathing. Growing up in Houston, the youngest of eight siblings, Harp soaked in gospel tunes from his dad’s church and started vibin’ with jazz legends like Grover Washington, Jr., in high school.

So there you have it — Smooth jazz sax player Everette Harp, keepin’ it real and bringin’ those laid-back vibes with “For the Love.” It’s not just an album; it’s a whole mood.

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  1. I like your column. I heard about him from a friend. We were both more into Pat Metheny Group or Jean Luc Ponty than Kenny G. Ironically, he had free tickets and we both loved Kenny G live! I like Everette’s music when I hear it. But No Jazz radio in Finger Lakes NY.


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