Jazz Trumpeter and Vocalist Bria Skonberg: The Groovy Canadian Jazz Maestro

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Jazz trumpeter and vocalist, Bria Skonberg the Canadian trumpeting sensation and vocal virtuoso, is like a musical dynamo blending jazz, swing, bossa nova, and those New Orleans vibes.

She’s been rocking the New York scene since the 2010s, earning props for her killer album “Into Your Own” (2014) and bagging the Juno Award back in 2015.

Jazz Trumpeter and Vocalist Bria Skonberg

Jazz trumpeter and vocalist Bria Skonberg. Hailing from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, Skonberg kicked off her musical journey with piano lessons in her early days and picked up the trumpet during her teenage years, all thanks to a nudge from her old man.

Solo Vibes and Making Waves
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With a passion for jazz, she jumped into her school’s band, jamming with a tight traditional jazz crew. Skonberg soaked in the sounds of Louis Armstrong, Nicholas Payton, Duke Ellington, Kenny Ball, Jim Cullum, and more. She even got some golden nuggets of wisdom from the Aussie-born jazz trumpeter Simon Stribling. After high school, she snagged a music degree from Capilano University in Vancouver in 2006.

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The Big Break

Jazz trumpeter and vocalist Bria Skonberg. She hit up various jazz festivals with 51st Eight and took the lead with the all-female Mighty Aphrodite Jazz Band. In 2010, she made the move to the Big Apple, fine-tuning her skills with private lessons from the legendary Warren Vachè. She’s been running the show and popping up as a guest artist at jazz festivals all over the place – North America, Europe, China, Japan – you name it. Jamming with the likes of Wycliffe Gordon, Bucky Pizzarelli, Howard Alden, Jon-Erik Kellso, Emily Asher, and the gang, Skonberg’s become a sought-after player.

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Solo Vibes and Making Waves

As a solo act, she kicked off her journey with “Fresh” (2009), followed by “So Is the Day” (2012) and “Into Your Own” (2014). A bit down the road, she joined forces with Sony Masterworks/Okeh Records, dropping “Bria” and grabbing the Juno Award for Best Vocal Jazz Album. Fast forward to 2017, Skonberg teamed up with producer Matt Pierson for “With a Twist,” adding a dash of lounge and bossa nova flavor. In 2019, she went for a more intimate vibe with “Nothing Never Happens.”

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