Jacob Young The Norwegian Jazz Guitarist

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The Norwegian jazz guitarist Jacob Young, born in Lillehammer on July 14, 1970, gets his first taste of jazz thanks to his super cool American dad. Fast forward to age 12, and he’s all about teaching himself the guitar.

Then, he dives into music studies at the University of Oslo, snags a ticket to the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in Manhattan, and starts grooving to those classic jazz tunes.

Hanging with Musical Mentors

Jacob’s guitar skills get a mega boost thanks to the legendary Jim Hall. Private lessons, group jams—the whole musical ride. Toss in some insights from jazz giants like John Abercrombie, Richie Beirach, Bob Belden, and Ken Werner, and you’ve got a seriously diverse musical palette.

Graduation and Big City Dreams

In ’93, armed with a degree, the Norwegian jazz guitarist Jacob hits the New York scene, freelancing for two years alongside heavyweights like Rashied Ali, Marc Copeland, and Larry Goldings. Living the big city dream and making some sweet music!

Graduation and Big City Dreams
image source: jacobyoung.no

Debut as a Band Leader

Fast forward to 1994, and Jacob steps up as a band leader, rallying a crew of musical maestros. This marks the beginning of festival gigs and small tours across Norway—just good vibes and great tunes.

Back to Norway and Quintet Magic

By ’96, the Norwegian jazz guitarist Jacob’s back in Norway, forming a killer quintet and dropping the “Pieces of Time” album on the Curling Legs label. Talk about musical magic!

Jamming with Karin Krog and Global Adventures

a call from jazz royalty Karin Krog after a killer radio gig. They team up, jet-setting as a dynamic duo, even releasing the “Where Flamingos Fly” album in 2001. Now, that’s what we call global musical adventures!

Jamming with Karin Krog and Global Adventures
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Birth of The Norwegian jazz guitarist Jacob Young Group

Fast forward to 2002, a standout performance at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival, and bam—the Jacob Young Group is born, stealing the spotlight ever since. It’s been one heck of a musical journey!

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Oslo Session Recordings: Let’s Get Modern!

In 2017, Jacob dives into label ownership, launching Oslo Session Recordings. It’s all about limited-edition 180-gram vinyl releases. First up, “The Maze,” featuring a stellar lineup—Mike Mainieri, Paolo Vinaccia, Mats Eilertsen, and Bendik Hofseth. Just good friends making great music!

“Rathkes gate 12:21:58” and Future Jams

Next on the label’s radar is “Rathkes gate 12:21:58,” hitting Norway in August 2017. It’s a trio with Jacob Young, Paolo Vinaccia, and Bendik Hofseth, dishing out original compositions like there’s no tomorrow. The fun never stops!

Mixing It Up and New Duo Vibes

The Norwegian jazz guitarist Jacob’s no one-trick pony. He’s jammed with a bunch of artists and kicked off a new project, teaming up with Norwegian singer Siril Malmedal Hauge. Together, they’re cooking up tunes that traverse pop, jazz standards, and fresh originals. The musical journey continues, and we’re all in for the ride with Jacob Young!

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