Balkan Jazz Pianist Vladan

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Balkan jazz pianist Vladan, the easygoing pianist and jazz composer rocking it out in the city that never sleeps. He kicked off his piano journey at 7, becoming the newest member of a family with a rich tradition of Balkan musical vibes.

After finishing up music school back in his hometown, Vladan took his talents to the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich, delving deep into Jazz Piano.

Vladan: Blending Balkan Vibes with Jazz Grooves

Who was his mentor? None other than the Russian jazz piano maestro, Leonid Chizhik. Graduation? With honors, no less. Oh, and let’s not forget that cool scholarship he scored from Berklee College of Music in Boston back in 2010.

Jamming Folk and Jazz Tunes

Since ’06, Vladan has been laying down tracks and grooving on the keys, sometimes solo, sometimes with a trio. From ’09, his trio started throwing down concerts with the theme “Folk Meets Jazz.” He even dropped a solo piano album titled “Mamazone” (dedicated to those battling cancer) in Germany. LOFT Music, a major German production crew, set up a series of “Folk Meets Jazz” gigs, where Vladan cooked up tunes deeply rooted in native music vibes, tickling the ivories with that signature Balkan sound.

Jamming Folk and Jazz Tunes
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Rhythm and Roots

Drawing on his musical roots, Vladan keeps infusing Eastern European beats with modern jazz and classical flavors. It’s like a musical concoction. He’s taken his trio and solo act all over the globe, winning fans everywhere who expect nothing less than an extraordinary musical experience.

Balkan Jazz Pianist: Musical Fusion

Balkan jazz pianist Vladan’s style? It’s a unique blend. He throws in his own twist on Balkan beats, adds some slick playing techniques, mixes up the ornamentation, and sprinkles in polyrhythmic goodness. And here’s the kicker – he’s rocking the acoustic and electric combo, a rare gem in the jazz scene.

Awards and Street Cred

Balkan jazz pianist Vladan isn’t just your average keys guy. He snagged the title of Best Jazz Musician in Germany and owned the Best Jazz Solo Piano award at the International Jazz Piano Competition in Freiburg, Germany, in 2010 and 2011.

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Tesla Vibes

In 2013, The Tesla Science Foundation gave Vladan a shoutout for his tunes paying homage to Nikola Tesla. That’s some serious street cred.

Collaborating with the Big Names

Apart from his solo gigs, Vladan’s been a sidekick on some award-winning albums. He’s not just about the small gigs – he’s teamed up with chamber orchestras and dropped a ton of tracks for big jazz ensembles.

Collaborating with the Big Names
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Global Tour Adventures

Balkan jazz pianist Vladan’s taken his trio and quartet on a world tour, hitting up iconic spots like Carnegie Hall, The World Trade Center, Carl-Orff-Saal, BB King New York, Tammany Hall, Parish Hall, and more stages than you can count on six continents. In October 2014, Vladan dropped his solo piano album, “Ornaments,” in a chill session at Carnegie Hall.

Vladan’s Big Dream

Balkan jazz pianist Vladan’s got a big dream – he wants to spread his tunes worldwide and make them freely accessible. As he puts it, “Music should be free, man; it’s a gift from the music gods.” And he’s all about earning his musical props through live shows and gigs.

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