Soul-Jazz Trumpeter: Theo Croker Creates the Sound of the Future

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Soul-jazz trumpeter Theo Croker – the trumpet maestro with a knack for jazz that hits your soul. Born on July 18, 1985, in Leesburg, Florida, and growing up in Shanghai, China, he’s got that musical magic running in his veins, thanks to his grandpa, the legendary Doc Cheatham.

Croker mixes up the old-school tunes with a modern twist, creating a sound that’s like jazz, but from the future.

AfroPhysicist: A Sonic Adventure

Croker’s third album, “AfroPhysicist,” dropped on May 20, 2014, under Dee Dee Bridgewater’s DDB Records, teamed up with OKeh Records from Sony Masterworks. It’s a ride with 12 tracks that jump between different music flavors and eras.

Our singing star, Bridgewater, jumps in on three tracks, putting her spin on “Moody’s Mood for Love,” “Save Your Love For Me,” and “I Can’t Help It.”

Fusion Beats and Creative Exploration

Before the AfroPhysicist era, soul-jazz trumpeter Croker already had two albums under his belt. His time in Shanghai was like a creative boot camp, letting him evolve into an artist who caught Bridgewater’s attention.

Stepping out of the bustling jazz scene in New York gave Croker the freedom to explore his musical ideas without any outside noise.

Fusion Beats and Creative Exploration
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Their first meet-up? Shanghai Jazz Festival in 2009. Croker was in Bridgewater’s backing band. A jam session after the gig and a laid-back lunch marked the start of a unique partnership.

Curious about Croker’s musical groove, Bridgewater hands him her iPod, saying, “Check it out.” This sets the stage for talks about cooking up an album, with Bridgewater saying, “Let’s ditch the usual jazz stuff.”

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The AfroPhysicist Crew

Now, let’s meet the gang behind “AfroPhysicist.” We’ve got Sullivan Fortner on keyboards, Irwin Hall on blowing those wind instruments, Karriem Riggins keeping the beat on drums, Michael Bowie slapping both the acoustic and electric bass, and David Gilmore strumming that guitar. And guess what? There are surprise appearances by Stefon Harris on vibes and Roy Hargrove on trumpet.

The AfroPhysicist Crew
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Throughout the album, Soul-jazz trumpeter Croker shows off his groovy side, tipping his hat to legends like Stevie Wonder and Hugh Masekela, while tossing in flavors of rock, hip hop, and R&B. His tunes take you on a mood rollercoaster, proving he can speak through his trumpet in ways that hit you right in the feels.

Global Jamming Journey Soul-Jazz Trumpeter Croker’s

Soul-jazz trumpeter Croker’s musical journey goes from Florida to Shanghai and back to the hustle and bustle of New York. He’s all about breaking musical rules and trying out new vibes. Coined by his brother, the nickname AfroPhysicist perfectly captures his wild and diverse musical style. “AfroPhysicist” isn’t just an album; it’s Croker saying, “Hey world, get ready for some next-level soul-jazz vibes!”

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